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Geelong Connected Communities is a community company established for the benefit of every Geelong resident.

With financial support from our partners, sponsors and supporters, Geelong Connected Communities delivers an ongoing grant program that helps not-for-profit organisations fund programs that make Geelong a better place to be.

Great communities are built on a sense of sharing and collaboration. They are resilient and go beyond a vibrant economy. Simply put, they are places where people want to live and value their sense of space and place. Geelong Connected Communities is proud to contribute to our thriving and caring city.

By pooling the contributions of many local businesses and institutions, Geelong Connected Communities has created a well-organised structure delivering grants that have a meaningful and powerful impact on the recipients and their people.

To discuss how your business can join Geelong Connected Communities to support our city and people, contact John Fitzgerald on 0412 523 009


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