Strategic Plan and Strategic Objectives

Strategic Plan and Strategic Objectives

The Board of Geelong Connected Communities has approved the following as it Strategic Plan and Strategic Objectives for the next 3 to 5 years, subject to an annual review ensuring  its ongoing relevance for the business and the community we serve.  Directors have also developed a set of measurements to elevate annual performance against advertised objectives.

Strategic Plan


  • Geelong residents prospering from our leadership, influence and investment

Mission statement

  • To generate and distribute community resources to enhance the social and economic wellbeing of the Geelong community


  • Leadership
  • Engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Support

Core competencies

  • Capacity to add value to the success of community organisations operating in Geelong
  • Simple on-line procedures that provide timely and valuable responses to grant applicants
  • Efficiency that allows us to maximise our investment into the community
  • Experienced, industry-diverse and community-connected Board of Directors

Our point of difference

  • Established solely to build stronger communities in Geelong
  • All not-for-profit organisations in Geelong can apply for support
  • All income raised in each financial year is invested for the benefit of the Geelong community
  • Our company welcomes the support and partnership of individuals, businesses, government and other organisations

Strategic Objectives

1. To be a highly respected organisation within the City of Geelong

  • Seek recognition and support from all levels of government and industry bodies
  • Be valued by all of our partners and supportive of their values and corporate objectives
  • Establish a highly visible and respected brand throughout the Geelong region
  • Demonstrate the highest standards of corporate governance and community responsibility
  • Operate with total transparency with every community investment made

2. Be responsive to community needs

  • Operate our grants program on a 24/7 timeline, with a focus on simplicity and being easy to deal with
  • Provide quick responses to grant applications, and provide funds in a timely manner based on community needs
  • Grants program is available to every segment of the community with an even geographical, sector and community distribution
  • Provide a balanced funding allocation between smaller and larger grants

3. Maximise outcomes from community investments

  • Achieve the benchmark of a minimum of 90% of all income raised being reinvested back into community
  • Minimise costs through the voluntary service of directors and their organisations
  • Agile and efficient decision making throughout our grant application process
  • Negotiate all purchased services on pro bono arrangements or heavily discounted contracts

4. Align with our Partners’ corporate values and objectives

  • Help to build stronger communities within Geelong through a diversified grants program reaching the whole community
  • Collaborate with other community companies in the Geelong region to maximise the outcomes of community investments locally
  • Leverage partnerships with government, businesses and other community organisations who share our ethos
  • Provide opportunities for our partners’ staff to participate in community engagement activities

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