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Sport in the North

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Sport in the North

The Geelong Connected Communities Sport in the North grants program recognises that increased levels of participation in physical activity has health, social and economic benefits.

The purpose of the Sport in the North grants program is to increase sporting participation in the northern suburbs of Geelong, focusing on Corio and Norlane. It is recognised that sporting clubs in Corio and Norlane need additional support and resources with these suburbs of Geelong experiencing very high rates of disadvantaged youth. This grant program has been established to predominately support all junior sports up to the age of 19. As such this grant program will offer three grant categories that provide opportunities for sporting activities to take place. Refer to the Grant Criteria document available below.




The 3 grant programs are:

Athlete Membership and Uniforms
Equipment  and Club Mentor Development
Club Incentive Reward

This grant program is an initiative of local politicians, Richard Marles and John Eren.

Before you apply for a grant please read the selection criteria and grant selection process below.



APPLY FOR YOUR GRANT ONLINE (Application open date TBC)


Successful Grant Applicants

Date of Grant Organisation  Amount
1/3/2020 Corio Soccer Club $3,000
1/3/2020 Geelong Saints Hockey Club $2,500
1/3/2020 Badminton Geelong Inc $700
1/3/2020 Kickoff Foundation Geelong $500
1/4/2020 Geelong Table Tennis Association Inc $1,500
1/6/2020 Corio Community Sports Club $3,000
1/6/2020 Dolphins Basketball Club $1,000
1/6/2020 Geelong Underwater Hockey Club Inc $1,200
1/6/2020 Corio Bay Cricket & Sports Club Inc $2,000
1/6/2020 North Geelong Cricket Club Inc $2,000
1/6/2020 Geelong Taekwon-Do Auspiced by United ITF (Taekwon-Do Australia) Inc $1,000
1/6/2020 North Geelong Secondary College $3,000
1/6/2020 Geelong Rugby Club $3,000
1/6/2020 North Shore Cricket Club $1,000
1/6/2020 North Shore Football and Netball Club $1,000
1/6/2020 Corio Cricket Club $2,600