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Fortnightly catch up on BAYFM with GCC director John Fitzgerald

May 7 – Geelong Symphony Orchestra

Our man Fitzy joins the 93.9 Bay FM team again for the ‘CATCH UP’ – and this week his special guest is Jon Mamonski from the Geelong Performing Arts Centre.

Jon praises the support GCC has provided the Arts industry in Geelong and, most recently, a grant given to the Geelong Symphony Orchestra.

“Geelong Symphony Orchestra really is alive and well today because of the support it gets in the community, like the grants from Geelong Connected Communities,” Jon said.

“Geelong can be justly proud that it has its own symphony orchestra.”

To hear more from Jon and our man Fitzy on what GCC has been up to over the past fortnight, press play on the audio file below.


April 28 – Rotary Club of Belmont
Our man Fitzy joins the 93.9 Bay FM team again – and this week his special guest is Peter Drummy from the Rotary Club of Belmont.
Peter talks to the team about an important Business Charity Luncheon coming up to raise funds for Headspace Geelong.

Headspace Geelong is a place where young people between the ages of 12 and 25 who are going through a tough time can go and talk to staff – and Peter shared some confronting statistics relating to young people in Geelong.

The fundraising event will be held on May 26 at the Geelong Football Club, with former AFL player Mark Eustice appearing as the guest speaker to share his riveting journey filled with many challenges playing for three AFL clubs – Essendon, Richmond and Sydney.
Former professional golfer and SEN presenter Mark Allen will host the event, which will also feature Geelong President Colin Carter, current Cats player Tom Lonergan and Western Bulldogs AFLW star Katie Brennan.

To hear more from our man Fitzy on this event and what GCC has been up to over the past fortnight, press play on the audio file below.


April 13 – Reconciliation in the Park

Fitzy’s special guest this week is Norm Stanley from Geelong One Fire Reconciliation Group.

Norm speaks to Fitzy and the team about the ‘Reconciliation in the Park’ event coming up on Sunday, May 28th from 10am to 3pm at Johnstone Park.

The event is free and will give Geelong residents the chance to learn more about indigenous culture, with activities like indigenous dance, artefacts, storytelling games and boomerang making.

GCC has provided a grant to Geelong One Fire to help them coordinate the organising of this year’s event, which is projected to be the biggest in its history, Norm told Fitzy and the Bay FM team.

“We really encourage [Geelong residents] to come along and reflect on what reconciliation means and what taking the next steps can mean to everybody,” Norm said.
To listen to more from Norm and more from our man Fitzy on what GCC has been up to over the past fortnight, press play on the audio file below.


March 22 – Galaxy United

Fitzy’s special guest this week is Flavia Kaucic, the president of Geelong’s Galaxy United FC women’s soccer club.

Galaxy United is currently in its second year as a club, competing in the Women’s National Premier League where it fields representative teams in under-13s, under-15s, under-18s and a senior women’s team.

They play against the best teams in Victoria, and Flavia says the main purpose of their club is about providing an opportunity for talented players to reach the top level.

“It’s a really about a development pathway for talented female soccer players in the Geelong region, and that was something that was really missing,” Flavia said.

“Engagement at community level competition is fantastic, but if a talented player was ever identified [before now], they would have had to travel to Melbourne a minimum of four or five times a week to train.”

Galaxy United recently benefitted from a $1000 grant from Geelong Connected Communities.

Click play on the audio file to hear more from Flavia and Fitzy and the team


February 23 – Bendigo Bank

Fitzy’s special guest this week is Melissa Pearce, a regional manager at GCC’s Founding Partner – the Bendigo Bank.

Melissa speaks to the team about the community-minded efforts Bendigo Bank has made throughout the Geelong region over the past decade, and moving forward, in helping to return funds “to where they are really needed”.

“We did a tally in November last year, looking at what we had returned locally to the community, and the conservative figure was $6 million,” Melissa said.

“In 10 years, we have returned $6 million via our community network – and $165 million nationally,” she said.

“We are extremely proud of what we do as an organisation, and extremely proud of our customers who believe in us and allow us to do what we do in the community.”

Bendigo Bank customers can play a part in helping GCC award more grants to deserving community organisations by linking their new or existing accounts to GCC.

When this happens, the Bendigo Bank pays out a commission to GCC – at no cost to the customer.

Click play on the audio file to hear more from Melissa about what the Bendigo Bank are doing in the community.


December 21 – Royal Geelong Yacht Club

Fitzy’s special guest this week is Phil Clohesy, the general manager at Royal Geelong Yacht Club.

Geelong Connected Communities is the naming rights sponsor of the shoreside entertainment for the upcoming “Festival of Sails” along Geelong’s Waterfront.

Mr Clohesy reveals in the below radio interview that there will be “some significant changes” this year, with the Festival set to start on the second last week of January from now on.

“Australia Day will float between that weekend and… the Cadel Evans Road Race on the next weekend,” he said.

“Through Geelong Connected Communities and the City of Greater Geelong, we will be able to run the Australia Day weekend celebrations [in that period] across the foreshore as well.”


December 7, 2016 – Pivot Summit
Fitzy’s special guest is Mike Beck, speaking about the “Pivot Summit” staged in Geelong last weekend.

The event at The Arena showcased the latest advances in digital, technology and entrepreneurship and how Geelong can benefit in the future from exploring these areas.

Geelong Connected Communities was a sponsor of the event, which trended No.1 on Twitter last Friday – with 2,000 tweets and 7 million tweet impressions.

Hear more about this and other grants GCC has given out this month by clicking on the audio file below.


November 23, 2016 – Lazarus Drop-in Centre



November 10, 2016 – GCC Sponsors Charity Golf Day
Our man John Fitzgerald has had his fortnightly catch up on 93.9 Bay FM – and this week’s special guest is Emma Taylor from Adroit Insurance Group.

Geelong Connected Communities is sponsoring Adroit’s 15th annual charity golf day at 13th Beach Golf Links on November 24.

Adriot aims to raise $100,000 – which will be injected back into the Geelong community.

Click on the audio file below to hear from Emma about where that money will go, and more from Fitzy about some of the grants GCC have given out this month.


October 26, 2016 – Gala Day Parade “100-year Anniversary”


September 27, 2016 – Geelong Obedience Dog Club


May 12, 2016 – Harwood Andrews “Geelong-first” Award